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Unusual Lag on TT?

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Unusual Lag on TT?

Post by Deathy on Sun Jun 09, 2013 10:58 am

for the past few days i've had this weird lag i've never had before. There's a constant lack of smoothness with general playing (like strobelights in a club, very stop-starty) and every 5 - 10 seconds of it, i completely pause/dc and it says "waiting for players" for about 5 seconds, then it goes back to the strobelight faze again. It might just be my computer dieing (the lag has been getting worse and worse - you guys probably heard me complaining about it in the past) but yeah just wanna ask to make sure Smile

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Re: Unusual Lag on TT?

Post by glow on Mon Jun 10, 2013 5:32 pm

my comp runs tt pretty smoothly but the other day it wasn't. lots of pause go moments. like peons would halt for a second then move again. it was bad...

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