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Something... funny

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Something... funny Empty Something... funny

Post by m@tro on Mon Jan 06, 2014 2:23 pm

I was playing against 4 ai with whiski the other day in a 2v2v2, he was on my team. It was a crazy map, hills everywhere. So there's 1 AI left and I got a bit bored so I decided to build a base next to the big mountain we were on, the only way to get there was to travel around the whole map past the AI. It was a beach, long trip and only one way in.

So I get my peons and start building my quarter, keeping a close eye on the AI, which was a good thing I did as the AI noticed and went other way to get my peons, so I quickly grabbed my chief and put him on the little edge of the cliff of the small mountain and made some stinking stew, and which point the AI decided to try and attack my chief from down below, which they were able too when I was extremely close to the side, but I moved back a bit and all was fine.

Then the AI started to do this really weird thing where their they'd be programmed to obviously go round the whole map and attack the chief, but then it's mind changed and thought it could attack the chief from below, then thought it couldn't so ran off, then back again and so on. It was hilarious as about 30 odd warriors are sprinting back and forth in different order like little crazy ants out of their hill. Me n Whiski were confused and amused and we had never seen it before but dang was it funny. I wish I could show you but I went for dinner and Whiski won the game.

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