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Personal Statement

Post by Rapture on Fri Nov 21, 2014 5:45 pm

Personal Statement:

I really can't believe that a forum exists for this game when I looked up Tribal Trouble to remember old fond memories.
It's really saddening to discover that TT1 no longer exists, I wonder if that is the game or just the online platform?

It's been many years since I used to play this amazing game which in my opinion was the most fantastic, clever, intellectually
challenging, exciting and addictive of all time. I'm sure there are plenty more words which I could say to describe it!
Honestly this is the only one in my entire life that I have played that I can say: astonishingly brilliant!
Always was content to play this rather than any other.

What made it so unusually good was the online community as the players who played were: down to earth, friendly,
decent, pleasant, awe-inspiring, difficult to beat and were good online friends of which I made plenty. Thank you to
everyone who made this game not just thrive but come alive!

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